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Personal Assistant for Unique Small Business – Part Time

Spirithorse Designs – Angela King

If you love animals and love to get into the details of great assistance and customer service, then I would love to meet you!

This describes you so well you think I’m reading your mind:

  • · You understand what an outstanding customer experience is made of.
  • · You delight in giving MORE than a customer expects.
  • · You understand grief is normal and can listen when needed.
  • · You embrace new technology with open arms and get excited about learning new software, systems and ways of doing things.
  • · You’re hyper focused on getting the details JUST right – and you don’t half-ass anything or let things slip.
  • · You are comfortable with numbers and dealing with money.
  • · You consider yourself a problem solver and see things you don’t yet understand as an opportunity to learn something new.
  • · You love wrapping things as much as you love buying gifts for people.
  • · Your friends and family describe you as honest to a fault, sweet, sincere, trustworthy, hardworking, caring and empathetic, compassionate and thoughtful and totally reliable.
  • · You are super organized and have a check list for everything. Crossing off things is awesome, right?
  • · You’re 100% comfortable working with cats and dogs around.
  • · You love to build people up versus tearing them down and you always look for ways to add value and be the best at what you do.

If you can say YES to any of the list below you get bonus points!

  • · You are a horse person whether you own one or not.
  • · You have experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, Word, and Excel.
  • · You have experience doing customer support via chat
  • · You don’t mind running a couple errands per week.

This position is NOT for you if:

  • · You are not available Monday through Friday
  • · Technology freaks you out
  • · You have personal drama
  • · You have something else that demands most of your time
  • · You can’t handle detailed and regular feedback
  • · You see this as a side job to your main job
  • · You have a hard time meeting deadlines
  • · You get easily distracted
  • · You’re looking for more than 10 hours a week right off the bat
  • · You have no sense of humor
  • · You have commitments between September through December that will require time off.

The Details

· You must be available to work 2-3 hours Tuesday – Friday between 9am and 4pm through December 21st and resuming in January. More details will be provided at your interview.

· Each work day will vary in hours – usually between 3-4 hours.

· You will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement as well as a non-compete.

· Location of studio is Southeast Boise and you will need your own transporation.

· This is an in-person position working closely with me on everything from shipping and packaging, to order processing, to customer service.

Apply by answering a few questions by following this link >>> CLICK HERE
and I'll be in touch within 72 hours!
Can't wait to meet you -