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How to Cut Your Horse's Hair

1. First, take the longest piece of hair at the bottom of the tail; just a small piece, about the diameter of a pencil...

2. And then you bring it out to the side; pulling it tight so it is straight with no slack ... then cut the hair close to the tail bone.

3. Next, choose another long piece from a different area...

4. and repeat :) This way, you will never know that pieces are missing!

5. Now, please make sure that if you package your hair in a plastic bag, to cut large holes in it...

The reason for this is that horses can carry fungal spores in their hair, and in the right environment, like a tightly sealed plastic bag, those fungal spores can stay "live" for a very long time. Fungal spores, if inhaled, can be fatal. I also know that many people may have already placed their hair in a plastic bag not knowing this information, so be careful when opening those bags! Make sure you are outside or in a well ventilated area.

6. Make sure to mark your name on the packaging.

Notice the large hole in the bag on the upper right? Just like that!

Now if you have chased your horse across the pasture trying to grab his/her tail, I'm sorry. Not everyone can be a super model like E.T. who was nice enough to behave himself during our photo shoot! Send me a note if you have any further questions :)

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